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10 Black Shoes You Need In Your Shoe Closet




Black shoes are our ultimate shoe essential. Not only because it goes along well with just about any outfit, but also because it transitions effortlessly well from work to night out. So here’s a little appreciation post for all overused black shoes out there that always saves our butts on our busiest days (and nights).


1.) The Classic Leather Flats

Because you don’t have to suffer on sky high heels just to be fashionable. Sometimes style is comfort too! These are the kind of heels that most of us probably have in our purses in case of emergency. because you know, whether it’s in work or anywhere else, flat leather shoes are always fab. Specially if they’re from Chloe!

Barbara Bui

2.) The Classic Black Heels

The little black dress of the shoe department. The shoes you ran to when you can’t find anything to pair that gorgeous crazy dress you found at a trunk show during your shopping weekend in LA. Or one lazy morning when you’re desperate to make a boring t-shirt-and-jeans outfit look so put together. It never fails!

Celine Creepers

3.) The Creeper Shoes

For when you need extra inches but don’t want the hustle (and pain) of wearing heels. Whoever said you only have flats and heels to choose from. We can all be indecisive in that matter. And that’s why creepers are made.

Celine Wedges

4.) The Cool Wedges

Because normal wedges are boring. How about mixing it with with a touch of coolness. They say good shoes will take you to good places. We say this shoes will take you everywhere.

Givenchy Heels

5.) The Crazy Unconventional Heels

There are days when you just don’t want to be plain and boring. And that calls for heels that are beyond the norm.

Robert Clergerie

6.) The Leather Booties

You don’t have to wear heavy metal or spikes to be edgy. Sometimes you just need a good pair of pointed leather booties.

Christian Louboutin Boots

7.) The Knee-High Boots

To complete a fabulous outfit on the cold seasons. Because nothing can stop fashion people from strutting a nice outfit. Not even the nippy weather!

Valentino Rockstud Flats

8.) The Fancy Flats

If we need a plain classic flats, we sure need something more eye-catching, as well. You can wear a trash bag and put on these flats and you’ll still look put-together. Something you can wear on a casual date night with the beau.

Christian Louboutin Heels

9.) The I-Woke-Up-With-The-Intention-To-Rule-The-World Heels

These are the shoes that kills. Everyone will bow looking at your heels. It’s the kind of shoes that feed our inner girl boss. If you feel like intimidating everyone that goes your way. This is the pair that you need to wear.

Rag & Bone Wedges

10.) The Summer Espadrilles

Perfect summer shoes anyone? These are best for any trip you’re planning for summer. Pairs of adventure-ready espadrilles will complete your travel essentials whether you’re bound for the tropicals or you planned a low key city tour.

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