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2016 Festival Fashion Ideas




It’s music festival season again. Weekend after weekend, our schedules consist of festival weekends but of course we gotta make time for the prep. We all know that shopping for insta-worthy outfits ain’t easy. So we came up of a bunch of outfit ideas to start with.


If there’s one person we’d entrust our festival outfit with, that’ll be the one and only Vanessa Hudgens. I mean, from coachella to sidewalk style, her bohemian vibe is just always on point. So here are 9 of our many favorite from her boho outfits.


Wondering where to find some good finds for your own winning festival outfit? We’ve got that covered as well! We love you this much, so leave all the hustle to us! We’ve listed some stuffs below that you can find on our website, but of course we have tons more in store. So give us a visit in our downtown store before you head over to the music festival, we’ll even help you style your outfits!


Because nothing says festival more than sheer, crops, lace  and short shorts:


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