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A Vist to J.Li Models




We often hire models for photo shoots and fashion shows through phone calls or email recommendations. This time around, we decided to dig a little bit deeper into the world of modelling to see what really goes on behind the scenes at a modelling agency. Our good friend, Street Fashion Photographer Ric from Sidewalk Runway kindly introduced us to Jessie Li of J. Li Models. Jessie is an experienced model-turned Agency owner who also runs a modelling school for models in-training (smart!). Jessie showed us her roster of models and even let us audit one of her classes! Ric was on-hand to take photos, of course!


Jessie showed us some of the gorgeous models she represents.



In Jessie’s modelling school, we first had to demonstrate an ability to stand up straight – with our heels, small of the back, and back of the head all in alignment up against a wall. With a piece of paper pinned between the knees. In stiletto heels. For ten minutes. (This was NOT easy! We definitely wavered, and the paper did not stay in place.)



Before you can walk, you must march in place – to strengthen the hip flexors and demonstrate balance, stillness and grace in the upper body, while moving the lower half. We have so much more respect and appreciation to the discipline that goes into modelling!



After class we couldn’t resist having Ric snap us in a few outfits from our store. This Zara shift dress on Jigme Love is just $35 in-store.


This Alexander Wang drawstring waist dress on Courtney Watkins is just $155 in-store.

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