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Deighton Cup 2016

The Deighton Cup returns this weekend for its eighth year on Saturday, July 16th, 2016 at Vancouver’s Hastings Racetrack. This event is more than just a bidding war on the fastest ponies in Vancouver – it is also well-established as one of Vancouver’s most stylish events of the year. We’re talking outrageous hats, fancy silk bow-ties, and the finest of fascinators. .

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This year, the Deighton Cup will be opening up the VIP experience to all their guests by allowing them full access to the entire Marquee and Concourse areas. Attendees will be able to enjoy the Miles End Motors Field of Dreams, picnic area, cigar lounge, food stations, the new Fashion Marketplace, as well as live music performances on the Bulleit Bourbon Sound Stage.

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In attendance will be some of Vancouver’s best-dressed, stepping up their style game for a chance to win the title of Gallant Sartorliaist, and Belle du Jour, along with a $500 cash prize, and of course, bragging rights. Last year’s winners, Lucy Lopez and Michael Boulet, dazzled in outfits that gave us all the vintage feels. The couple attended the event for the first time last year, and was pleasantly surprised when they both won the Style Stakes Best Dressed Awards in their separate divisions.

Vancourier                                  Belle du Jour, Lucy Lopez (left) and Gallant Sartorialist, Micheal Boulet (right) / Courtesy of Vancourier

We had the pleasure of meeting Lucy and Michael last week to chat about the process involved in creating their winning outfits. Lucy and Michael share a distinct sense of style. Their affinity for vintage pieces allows them to “piece together something unique and not just what everybody else is wearing,” Michael shared. Their outfits involve “taking little bits out of the past,” and working it into their personal style. Oftentimes, they will find special pieces that typically are considered minor details of an outfit, and ask themselves, “what can we build from that?”

For the ladies, finding the ultimate, show-stopping hat is integral to the outfit, however, such a bold statement piece can be tough to style without going overboard. Lucy suggests pulling elements from the dress to work around, and avoid being too “matchy-matchy.” Last year, she drew inspiration from the floral pattern of her dress – “I took the flowers out of the dress and put it on my hat, and made that the big point of focus.” Lucy embraces her colourful instincts, and enjoys taking risks when attending events like the Deighton Cup.

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The most important feature of the winning outfit for men, Michael suggests, are the jacket and accessories. For the event, Michael found the perfect vintage seventies suit, which he had altered from its original broad, seventies fit to a much slimmer silhouette. By doing so, the suit was tailored more to his preferred classic look, while still maintaining the vintage history it carried. The accessories “bring everything together,” Michael said when detailing the minuscule, yet defining aspects of his outfit. Little details such as the racing horse pin on the lapel of his jacket, his wine cork patterned pocket square, and his Klondike gold digger cufflinks added individuality and fun to his outfit.

You can find Lucy and Mike on Instagram at @lucylocks and @oldmanmike_.

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Deighton Cup 2016

When: Saturday, July 16th

Where: Hastings Racecourse – 188 North Renfrew Street

Time: 11am – 6pm

Price: Regular Festival Ticket $75 | Cocktail Jockey Upgrade $55 available online at www.deightoncup.com

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