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Eco Fashion Week partners with Lunch with the Ladies for “Second Hand is my First Choice”





The pizza party for the glam and fab with a purpose! With a goal to broaden our knowledge about the Pros of sustainable fashion, Eco Fashion week together with Lunch with the Ladies hosted this informative luncheon at the Fairmont Waterfront aptly named as “Second Hand is my First Choice”. The panelists included Vancouver’s eco-fashion pioneers, Myriam Laroche, Founder of Eco Fashion Week, our very own Jigme Love, Founding Partner of Mine & Yours, Chloe Popove, Founder of My Modern Closet, and panel moderator, Fiona Forbes, host of Urban Rush on Shaw TV.


The ladies covered a lot of topics focusing on one of the industry’s most CONTROVERSIAL “Fast Fashion vs. Sustainable Fashion”. There was much discussion on the growing problem of “fast fashion.” Did you know that the average North AmericaN throws away 81 pounds of textiles per year, it is the third most environmentally damaging industry in the world.


THe ladies also shared some expert ADVISES for those who are planning to start their own eco-friendly wardrobes. How to start small, slowly and surely. With that, a brief part of Mine & Yours’ history was shared with the viewers. We do hope that the luncheon inspired everyone to rethink of everything that goes into our closets. You don’t have to risk style to be sustainable. Fashion can be both stylish and sustainable.


Thank you Eco Fashion week and Lunch with the Ladies for making us a part of this informative event.

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