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The Majestic Singularity of Delpozo’s S/S 2017 Collection

In the ready to wear jungle that is New York, one stood up and amazed us with its couture infused garments. The Spanish brand Delpozo who is honed by Joseph Font has given us one of the most architecturally singular collection for New York Fashion Week. We were quite a fan of Font’s work for the renowned Spanish brand, for it’s vibrant and highly technical approach in garment making. In this collection we were not disenchanted but somehow yet again dazed by the juxtaposition of oriental aesthetic in Delpozo’s European aesthetic. Our fascination with the brand doesn’t blind us from worshipping the brand. It’s just Font has never been disappointing.


Some of our favourite pieces from the show

Font refined the collection with majestic sartorial construction that greatly reassembles the technicality of his fellow countryman; the great master that is Cristobal Baleniaga. The impressive volume of silhouettes has made us think that he may be Cristobal’s reincarnation. Joseph’s inspiration yet again as like his previous collection was art. He was affected by the Korean artist: Soo Sunny Park who is known for her waving mirrored installations. References can be seen on the earrings, bags, embellishments and textiles. With his fascination for the Korean Artist’s work Font has also took the opportunity to construct his own interpretation of Korea’s traditional attire; the Hanbok. A traditional Hanbok is composed of two garments. The Jeogori, which is the upper garment of the attire and The Chima which is a full bouffant like skirt.


Font’s own interpretation of a Hanbok
A Traditional Hanbok

We cannot deny that this ensemble is our most favoured piece from the entire collection. The Spanish designer reconstructed the Hanbok. He sliced the sleeves off from the Jeogori, and attached the Jeogori to the Chima. He finished the entire dress with a contrast of sheering and chiseled-like ribbon accents around the bodice. Overall it is a dress of impressive engineering that combines the contemporary and the traditional. A similar routine that was proudly executed by the Late Lee McQueen. This collection testifies of how capable Joseph font is, from the outstanding forms and silhouettes and the romanticism of his take on ancient traditional clothing, Delpozo remains one of the strongest and consistent brands in the fashion landscape.



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