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Runway Review: Gucci Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear




Though all the major fashion weeks are over, we are still in major hangover and i don’t think we’re recovering real soon. Fashion houses and designers from New York, Milan, London and Paris once again wow-ed the industry. From their risk taking designs to their artistic creations. People are amazed, flabbergasted,  dazed and all those other unknown emotions that can make us empty our bank accounts right then and there. With that being said, why don’t we start our series of Runway Reviews with Milan’s Gucci Fall 2016 Ready-to-Wear.


Not only did the 12th-month creative director dazed everyone, Alessandro Michele’s total reinvention of the fashion house made him the most copied fashion-diviner on Earth! Giving other fashion houses a run for their money. Surprisingly, though this make-over gave Gucci a much younger and whimsical look, Michele managed to still make it look like our good ol’ Gucci. I think it’s safe to call this phase the Gucci 2.0

With his Fall 2016 collection inspired by Renaissance, 70’s sport, Catherine de’ Medici and 80’s Italian and French couture, Michele surely took it up another notch. Comparing to his debut collection in Gucci for Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear, this one has a more playful vibe and as i like to describe it, more whimsical. The candy-colored skirts, fun and bright furs, hints of op-art and other gorgeous prints, it’s all young and fresh. Kudos to Alessandro Michele and the whole team behind it!



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