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Style and the Single Girl




Style is a language without words and speaks louder than most people actually realize. Fashion is about clothing and accessories as represented by the trends of the times but there is a vast divide between fashion and style. Style is about your relationship with yourself. It sends non-verbal messages about your life, your mood, your confidence, your status and your desirability.

We learn to dress appropriately for every occasion from an early age – what we wear for school, a job interview or to a party but along the way many of us waver and put our attention on other priorities. We start to underestimate the importance of maintaining ourselves or in our laziness we rebel against it. If your goal is to remain single or date someone who also has deserted the notion also, then by all means, continue to revel in the comforts of stretchy pants! But if your goal is to find a high value mate, then a successful single must apply the same principles of going for a job interview to going on a date – put your best foot forward.

Attraction is what differentiates a friendship to a romantic connection. Men are generally far more visual than women and therefor require more visual stimulation. That’s not to say that a single women needs to completely overhaul her look to attract a man but a little effort goes a long way!



Our best piece of advice? Let your visual vocabulary speak authentically about you by asking yourself two questions:

  • What messages do I want to announce to the world?
  • What are the things I can do to convey those messages more clearly?

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Mimi Lauzon, CPC

Life, Love & Style Coach, Matchmaker

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