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The Chanel Spring-Summer 2016 Essential




Chanel is one of the brands that even non-fashion people would probably know. I mean, how can you miss it? From its hard-to-miss trademark pieces to its glamorous runways set all over world, most recently in Havana, Cuba for the Cruise 2017 Collection. Ever since Gabrielle Chanel introduced it to the industry until now that Karl Lagerfeld has continued its legacy, it has been a worldwide fashion phenomenon.


And because we still can’t over the latest collection, we decided to List our top 8 Chanel must haves, that you can also find online and in store. Shop your vacation look now with these Chanel Spring-Summer guide.



1.) Chanel White Tennis Set

Whether your playing tennis or just out enjoying the sun, this outfit is perfect for you. What motivates you to go out and shed some sweat more than a new (not to mention very chic) sports outfit.

Tennis set available online and in store for only $395.




2.) Chanel Boy Bag


There’s already something about a Chanel boy that makes it stand out among all other chanel bags. What more if it matches one of this years Pantone’s colors of the year? The sophistication, the style and just everything about it is worth every dime spent. Also it’s very handy too! Talk about a complete package.

This chic blush Chanel boy sold just as soon as we got it! Not having enough time for us to admire it and all its glory!


chanel-j21-watch- (8 of 17)

3.) Chanel J12 Automatic Watch

This watch is almost too intimidating to stare at. All the class in the world seem to have been consumed by this diamond studded watch. Yes you read that right, and as if that’s still not enough it’s also made of white ceramic and sapphire glass.

This beauty is sold online and in store for only $9000 complete with box, Leather Case and appraisal report. (original retail price approx. $23500)


chanel-2-piece (11 of 11)

4.) Chanel Sheer Top and Skirt Set

Jet setting this summer? Complete your vacation looks with this sheer lace and silk set. Donned with free flowing knife pleats in the top and sewn down knife pleats in the skirt. Totally summer ready in everyone’s favorite go-to color!

This set is available online for only $495.



5.) Classic Chanel Tweed Jacket

You can never go wrong with a classic tweed chanel, one of its best signature pieces that everyone loves! Whether it’s for a business meeting or city vacation, it never goes out of style. This tweed jacket leveled up the Chanel game with a double collar and buttons engraved with “Chanel Paris”.

Tweed Jacket available online and in store for only $450.

Chanel-pumps (1 of 9)

6.) Chanel Cap toe Heels

What better to match any Chanel outfit (or basically any outfit) other than a black Chanel heels? Classic and like what i said, it goes with just about everything!

Cap Toe Heels available online and in store for only $275.

Chanel-purple-sunnies (3 of 10)


An ultimate essential all summer long made even better by Chanel. We’d love a sleek, classy and stylish piece protecting our eyes. Don’t we?

This Chanel Sunglasses available online and in store for only $195.


8.) Chanel CAMELLIA 5 Stack Rings

Complete your ultimate Chanel outfit with a totally spring chanel accessory. These STACK-ABLE rings are gold pleated and decorated with two Chanel trademarks, the camellia and the “CC” logo.

Chanel rings Available online and in store for only $295.

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