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Top Buys of the Day: Guilt Free Bag Day

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It was a good day for us and all other bag lovers out there! Three beautiful and surprisingly summer-color-appropriate bags came in the store today and it just made everyone cry (mostly just me). I know it’s not nice to have favorites but i picked these three out of the bunch that came in today!

1.) Christian Dior Panarea Sac Lady Dior in the prettiest shade of blush! And in perfect condition. $2225

2.) Celine Trio in highlighter yellow as bright as the summer sun. New with tags *SOLD (In just 3 hours)* #rundontwalk girl.

3.) Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis in the classic Monogram print. Complete with original box and dustbag. $1450

Love them? Well they are not sold online or in the floor yet, so to order you can call us at 604-620-8885 during store hours from 11am to 7pm or leave a message on any of our social media channels.



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